Introducing Announce, a platform that allows you to create, and view announcements in areas that matter to you.

All modern forms of communication rely on one thing: connections. Today anyone can connect with friends and family, “given” they know their social media handles, phone numbers or email addresses.

There’s another form of connection — our physical presence with others, such as people in our neighborhood, school, office, or public spaces like airports, shopping malls and parks. We may not know everyone, but our presence in the same area makes a lot of information relevant to us all.

Today we…

The world is becoming more and more aware of privacy and concerns around it. We are trying to limit sharing our personal information online, but how often are we protecting one of our most private information: our legal address?

Your address is Private

Think about it, how often do you share your legal address in the world?

From online shopping, to delivery like food, grocery or selling second hand goods in marketplace… how many entities did you share your address with in the last one year? My bad, one year is too long. How about last one month?

Your address information is personally identifiable…

MaiA: Make AI Accessible

MaiA: API platform for Point Address, and on a mission to Make AI Accessible for everyone.

tl;dr: Today we’re announcing our API platform MaiA ( .

Why create API Platform?

APIs for Point Address and Announce
MaiA is a by-product of our other consumer products including Announce and Point Address. To make Point Address eligible for integration, we had to enable an API plaform for it. MaiA will host all of Milkie Way APIs.

If needed, we can easily expose Announce data via API on MaiA platform.

Solving for everyone
To create content platforms for everyone, we have had to set up Content guidelines…

Our posts last month about Cloud incident got fair traction in the tech community. The posts were translated by reporters to various languages… how accurate was the translation is something I can’t comment on, but its purpose was to raise awareness which it did for sure.

I published the posts about that incident on our company blog as it forms our journey. Too often we read what worked well, but rarely do we hear about what didn’t work so well. In addition to successes, I firmly believe there’s good deal to learn from failures as most failures represent opportunities.

How to use Cloud without losing Sleep


Lint Remover

tl;dr: What is a great product user experience? This article shares the product lessons hidden in mighty Lint removers.

My black jeans looks ugly

A few days ago during a call with my friend, I was asked a simple question: how to remove white particles (lint) from brand new black jeans?

My friend who I was on call with, had recently bought a black pair of jeans. Right after leaving home he realized that it was full of lint which made this brand new pair look like an old used jeans.

This problem is quite simple if you know the solution, but if you don’t…

In the last few weeks, the power of long term thinking has been consistently on my mind. This post is dedicated to long term thinking / actions, and an attempt to answer the age old interview question: “Where do you see yourself in 5 years?”.

(Originally published at

Interviews and Goosebumps

Over the course of time, I have given a lot of interviews for different positions. Every single time, no matter how many interviews I have given or aced until that point, I still get goosebumps.

One age old question: “Where do you see yourself in X years” keeps coming up either…

A hands on guide for developers without dedicated SRE or on-call teams to use Cloud services safely.

(Originally published at


About a month ago, I published two blog posts on our company blog sharing one of our stories that form our journey: We burnt $72K and almost went bankrupt. The post was fairly well circulated in the tech community, and inspired me to write a post dedicated to the hacks that help me sleep better at night without having an on call team to manage all the cloud services.

This post outlines practices I learnt and now practise for…

Democratizing physical addresses for everyone in the world by allowing individuals to create, update and manage their addresses.

Did you ever wonder who defined the address name of your home? Why is the address of your office, gym, or any building/place in the world called the way it is?

Most addresses in the world were created either by the Governments, local authorities or construction companies that laid out plans for building a particular complex.

While most things have evolved, technology solutions for some reason have so far revolved around assuming physical addresses to be immutable eternal truths.

We intend…

One Hundred Sixteen Billion: that’s the number of times our test code read Firestore database in few hours.

This post is Part 2 in the series. If you haven’t already, go through Part 1 first so this one makes sense :)

Standing Himalaya is telling us…

Personally, this was the first time that I had received such a big set back. It had the potential to alter the course of our company as well as my life. There were several lessons on entrepreneurship in this incident, one important one was to stay strong.

I had a team of ~7 engineers/interns at this time, and it…

This is the story of how close we came to shutting down before even launching our first product, how we survived, and the lessons we learnt.

In March, 2020, when COVID hit the world, our startup Milkie Way too was hit with a big blow and we almost shut down.

We burnt $72,000 while exploring and internally testing Cloud Run with Firebase within a few hours.

~ $72K bill from Cloud Run test run

In November 2019, after having the idea, I started developing Announce The goal was to create an “MVP”, a functional V1 of the product, and for this reason our code was based on…

Sudeep Chauhan

Founder of Milkie Way, Inc.

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