Announce — information at the right location, at the right time.

Introducing Announce, a platform that allows you to create, and view announcements in areas that matter to you.

All modern forms of communication rely on one thing: connections. Most of us have connections throughout the world in the form of friends and family.

There’s another form of connection — your physical presence with others, such as people in your neighborhood, college or office. We may not know everyone, but our presence in the same area makes a lot of information relevant to us all.

Today we are announcing a new way to utilize these connections and communicate with people in a particular area. The platform is called Announce, and it allows you to Create, View, and Follow announcements in an area that matters to you.

Did you ever:

Announce aims to bring the most important announcements to you, and empowers you to announce to everyone in an area, for whatever your cause may be.

View Announcements

Visit, pan the map around and view announcements in your area. Announcements change as you pan, or zoom the map.

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Unlike emails, Announcements expire, as they may be relevant until a specific day, or time. Once the date has passed old Announcements expire, allowing only fresh content for users.


Not all announcements are user generated. Some are created by developing announce intelligence: announce-AI.

Announce-AI powers announcements tailored for the specific area. It consumes large chunks of data available online, and presents what might be most useful for people in an area. Announce-AI will keep getting better as we add more and more capabilities to it.

Create Announcement

With Announce you can draw an area where your announcement is relevant and should be visible to users. Users who follow the area in the announcement you have created will get notified via email instantly.

You can draw Circles, or Polygons on the map by click + drag motion on a desktop, and touch + drag on mobile phones.

Follow an area on on mobile

Follow an Area

You can choose to follow multiple areas, for example Home, Office, or a place your car is parked while you’re traveling.

Anytime an announcement is made to the area you Follow, you will be notified via Email of that announcement.

Dynamic Maps

Maps are interesting when they have more dynamic information.

Maps are incredibly useful tools, and although they pack a lot of information, most of the information at any point in time is static.

For example a university’s location would remain the same for a substantial amount of time. But information like special events, leftover pizza, career fairs, or dance practice, is dynamic information relevant to specific areas at the University.

Announce intends to make maps more dynamic and useful by including content generated daily by individuals, organizations, and announce-AI.

Visit and make your first announcement.

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