Introducing YRL

YRL (pronounced as viral) is a platform where businesses can pay individual creators to share their products and ideas through any platform. Creators would get paid every time their content brings businesses real users (organic traffic).

Become Ambassador and Partner of YRL Platform


This blog post explains the YRL referral program. We want to partner with you as a brand ambassador of YRL, and share our earnings from all the business you bring us.

How does it work?

It’s as simple as sharing a Yrl. Simply claim a Yrl of our own Campaigns:

Guide to Create Yrl Campaigns

Create Yrl Campaign


Step by Step Guide to Earning with Yrl

Step 1: Discover Yrl Campaigns


Solving for viral() as a Tech Company

Background: Challenge to Ideas

The biggest challenge to most products, startups and businesses today is not the technical feasibility or operational execution. These challenges are deterministic in nature, in the sense that they can be overcome with good amount of work, research and intelligence.

Your address is Private

Think about it, how often do you share your legal address in the world?

Your address information is personally identifiable…

MaiA: Make AI Accessible

Why create API Platform?

APIs for Point Address and Announce
MaiA is a by-product of our other consumer products including Announce and Point Address. To make Point Address eligible for integration, we had to enable an API plaform for it. MaiA will host all of Milkie Way APIs.

How to use Cloud without losing Sleep


Lint Remover

My black jeans looks ugly

A few days ago during a call with my friend, I was asked a simple question: how to remove white particles (lint) from brand new black jeans?

Interviews and Goosebumps

Over the course of time, I have given a lot of interviews for different positions. Every single time, no matter how many interviews I have given or aced until that point, I still get goosebumps.

Sudeep Chauhan

Founder of Milkie Way, Inc.

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